Why You Should Buy Local Firewood

Could there be a hidden danger to the purchase and use of non-local firewood?

Firewood; one of the best alternative fuels there is! But could there be a hidden danger to the purchase and use of good old fashioned firewood? Well just ask the local residents of Worcester county what they’ve been facing with the Asian Long Horned Beetle and you get a good idea of what could be lurking around the corner. Countless mature trees destroyed and removed because of this invasive pest. And then there is the Emerald Ash Borer outbreak in Michigan and other places.

But what does this have to do with firewood you may ask?

Well, where does your firewood come from? Very often destructive pests such as these can be introduced into new territories via firewood deliveries.

Think about it, the little pests lay their eggs in the trunk of a tall hardwood tree, the tree gets cut down, bucked, split and trucked out of state by a wholesaler. And there they are, those little eggs just waiting to hatch who knows where.

Many invasive pests have been introduced into the US in a like manner hidden away in shipping crates from abroad. The infamous Dutch Elms Disease was introduced this way.

So before you purchase your next cord of firewood you may want to stop and consider just where is it coming from? Buying from a local dealer who uses native, local wood ensures that you don't run the risk of bringing in any new and exotic trouble makers.

Again, consider the events of Worcester's recent winter and ask yourself if it is worth trucking wood all over the country when there is plenty of it right here at home on Cape Cod.

Family owned and operated, Firewood on Cape Cod, located in Hyannis, MA offers high quality seasoned firewood in full, half and quarter cords, bundles and bagged wood, firestarters, and many more of your firewood needs.

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