Where to Find Free Firewood on Cape Cod

Sources of Free Firewood in the Cape Cod area.

With the current economic downturn many folks are trying to trim their budgets, especially when it comes to utility bills like heating oil and natural gas. One way to do this is to “scrap up” your firewood or try to find sources for free wood to burn. Most free firewood will be poor quality wood for burning, but if you supplement your good firewood with some pine or other lesser quality wood, you may be able to save yourself a few bucks while keeping your house warm.

When burning poor quality wood, it is best to mix it in with good dry hardwood in your fire. Try to use 2/3 good dry wood and 1/3 other wood. Use the lesser quality wood when it is warmer out and the fire does not need to put out as much heat. (see firewood BTU chart for more info on the heat output for different species of wood)

You may be able to find free or cheap firewood locally in many different quantities at Craig’s List Cape Cod. Also check the free stuff section as well.

Most of the "free" wood will be pine logs and other not so great burning wood, but what do you want for nothing?

Burning Pallet Wood

If you are in a pinch for firewood, you can burn pallets or pallet wood. You can find free pallets for the taking in many areas, especially industrial parks.

Don't burn painted pallets or those made from pressure treated lumber. It's illegal and unhealthy.

You may find some pressure treated lumber pallets, but these are rare to find because they are much more expensive to make than hardwood pallets.

The pallets will need to be cut or broken into pieces that will fit your stove or fireplace.

Pallets made from hardwood like oak will burn very hot, so make sure your flue is clean to avoid the risk of a chimney or flue fire.

Try to eliminate the air space between the pieces when adding cut up pallet wood or other cut-off scrap to your fire (especially a fireplace fire). Add the wood as a stack of pieces instead of individually. Having alot of air space in between the pieces by not stacking them first, will cause them to burn all at once and very fast.

You may also be able to get free wood by asking at construction sites. Many times there will be stud, rafter and floor joist cut-offs free for the taking (unless the builder is burning it at home himself). This type of wood is mostly spruce. Expect lots of popping and crackling in the fire. You might not want to burn this stuff in your fireplace unless you have a good, full coverage fireplace screen.


Remember when burning pine and other lesser quality firewood that your risk of chimney fire is much greater due to creosote buildup. Make sure you keep an eye on your flue and if you burn alot of pine, etc... clean your flue/chimney a few times during the burning season.

It is illegal to burn, painted wood, pressure or chemical treated wood, plywood, and laminated wood. (it isn't good for the environment either)

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